Burrito #9 and My Unrequited Love for Salsa Verde


For Halloween a few years back, I dressed up as a packet of Salsa Verde from Taco Bell. My love for this particular type of salsa could stretch to the ends of the ocean. It w Ias garlic and tomatillo and spices and wonderment.

Then one day Taco Bell stuck a knife through my heart and took my salsa away.

Who does that?

Mean jerks, that’s who.

I stopped eating Taco Bell for like 6 months after that shit happened.

My silent protest did absolutely nothing except make me realize how much I needed a new burrito place in my life. Enter Moe’s.

Moe’s salsa verde is almost my favorite. I feel like I can’t say that it is legit my favorite because I haven’t had Taco Bell’s in so long that I don’t really remember what it tastes like. It’s garlicy with flavor but no spice, which is basically what I expect when I take bites of green gold. My favorite thing to do with the salsa verde is mix a little of Moe’s queso into it and then dip my chips.

Free, fresh salsa and chips + Queso = Happiness

I’m super thankful that I can still get my verde fix from the Moe’s in town. I’m honestly hoping that they don’t take it away from me.

Burrito #9 was chicken, pinto beans, tomatoes and guacamole. I find that the more burritos I get, the more simple they are. Maybe next week I’ll get involved in a bazillion ingredients again…but this time around all I was craving was a little bit of that green gold. burrito-9-and-101

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