Eight was…umm…Interesting

When you have the opportunity to consume 52 burritos in a year for free, you’re going to have some winners and some losers. Number eight was one of the less impressive burritos, not because of ingredients…but because of a faulty burrito roll.

Folding a burrito properly takes a bit of skill and finesse. Next time I get a burrito, I’m going to see if my favorite burrito roller will let me take a GIF of him doing his thing…because a bunch of the younger, less experienced employees at my Moe’s are…ok at burrito rolling…but not so great.

Burrito number 8 was chicken with pinto beans, shredded cheese, cucumbers and olives. It wasn’t a super huge burrito, but for some reason the kid who rolled it totally massacred it. He gave it three attempts and then finally folded the foil up around the mass attempting to hide his sins.

My wife and I both watched the sacrilege happen and exchanged disappointed looks.As soon as we got home and I opened up my parcel, the whole burrito just fell apart.

Unphotogenic burritos are the worst. I didn’t even want to take a picture of my meal, because I hate ragging on them when I’m getting free food every week…But I also don’t want to lie about the fact that every meal that I get is a good one. Eating out is hit or miss sometimes.

Instead of checking out the mess of Mexican food that I ended up scraping into a bowl, I’m going to add happy pictures of my wife’s cheese quesadilla to this post and save some face.

Cheese pulls are magic, I swear.

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