Burrito #7 was Lucky (aren’t they all?)

IMG_20181108_193239.jpgI have a favorite burrito roller at my Moe’s. He’s a super friendly manager who takes his job seriously enough to motivate his employees and welcome every guest that comes into the restaurant. I don’t know his name but I should probably ask. I’m just not sure how to not make that situation hella awkward.

Like, “Hey! I’m blogging about the free food that you guys are giving me, so what’s your name because I’d like to talk about how awesome you are at your job.”

It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, right?

So this manager rolled burrito number 6 for me. It was fantastic. Burrito number 7 was rolled for me by a newer employee that had never crafted my dinner. They’re all good at their jobs, honestly…I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy burrito number 7. But towards the end of my consumption, it started falling out of the tortilla because the ends weren’t tucked in far enough.

Messy burritos are completely a #FirstWorldProblem, I get it.

But when you love something as much as I love Moe’s burritos, people start to take my obsession with their goodness as just hearsay. Flaws help to improve the experience, even when things are top notch.

So there’s my suggestion, Moe’s…make sure your burrito rollers tuck in the ends all the way so that the filling doesn’t fall out. Better that the burrito be short and squat than long and all over my lap.

IMG_20181108_193501.jpgI stacked the salsa fairly high for this one. I usually ask for a cup of the corn salsa that’s behind the counter and a cup of queso. When I get home, I mix the two together for the optimal cheese to corn ratio. Because I’ve got another 40ish of these things coming, I’m really trying to switch things up.

I grabbed my usual cup of queso and then a cup of the tomatillo (which is just salsa verde) and a cup of their seasonal salsa, the Space B’Green Us. I enjoyed them both, but I thought that the Space B’Green Us was way more flavorful. It had enough of a kick to make my taste buds know that they were being assaulted by jalapenos without making me run for the milk. How seasonal is seasonal though? I hope it doesn’t disappear with the impending winter. Paying attention to Moe’s salsa rotation is not something that I’ve ever realized I should be doing…but now I will.

Burrito number 7 consisted of Chicken, black beans, guacamole, cilantro rice and cucumbers. I love the crunch of the cucs and think that they’re an underappreciated burrito stuffing material. Next week I think I may return to steak and figure out a new flavor profile for myself beforehand.

If you have been enjoying my burrito adventure so far, please don’t forget to follow my Instagram and give a click on the like button below. While you’re here though, what’s your favorite meat to put inside the awesomeness that is a burrito? Let me know in a comment!

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