Halloween and Burrito #6

CD_SushiBecause of my genetics, I’m a frugal DIY Halloweiner. My mother made every single one of my costumes when I was growing up, from Rainbow Bright in kindergarten to that one time that I decided I wanted to be a praying mantis. I have no idea what I was thinking. In my brain, I think I remember being mad at my mom and coming up with something so fucking random that she wouldn’t be able to get it done.

Guess what?

She got it done.

This year, I made sushi costumes for my wife and I, mostly because we found a sushi costume for our dog. They turned out pretty cute, but zero people knew what we were in real life. My Internet family knew…but no one at this party we went to.

Kind of disappointing, but not really.

I’d rather people have to work a little bit with their brains to guess what I’m dressed as. I half enjoy saying, “Nope,” when people asked me if I was a biker bride (huh? I mean…guys…there was a shrimp on my back).

IMG_20181025_194127.jpgWe didn’t bother dressing all of our animals up for Halloween this year because hedgehogs and hamsters are actually more difficult to find costumes for. Ezmeralda, our hedgehog, wouldn’t even stay out of her defensive puff ball long enough for me to measure her for the sashimi. Jeeves and Belvedere, our tuxedo hamsters, are honestly only concerned with throwing and eating their poop so we felt that costumes would have been a waste.

It doesn’t matter though. Ezmeralda actually discovered Moe’s corn salsa last week and was VERY excited about it. She sniffed for a few minutes before she actually dove onto the corn kernel, but after she got over her fear of new things, she was all about it.

Burrito number 6 consisted of chicken, seasoned rice, black beans, corn salsa (for Ezmeralda, of course), guac, cheese and queso! ‘Twas a good one, as per usual.

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