Tattoos and Burrito #5

MVIMG_20181016_135728.jpgI’m working on collecting food tattoos over the past few years. There are a bunch scattered over other parts of my body, but it’s my work-in-progress calf sleeve of food that I’m the most proud of. When I came across the logo for the Pugs Take Philadelphia event that happened on October 13th, I pretty much needed to get the cute little hungry fluffer in period garb added to my leg.

The pug is dressed as Ben Franklin and is eating a pretzel and a cheese steak at the same time. Double fisting the carbs as one is wont to do when in the City of Brotherly love. The logo was drawn up by this amazing artist that goes by the Online moniker of Ink Pug. I’ve been a fan of her illustrations for awhile but was looking for the right design to put on my body permanently. As soon as I saw the logo, I sent her an instagram message to get her permission for the tattoo and then emailed my tattoo artist the idea.

Everyone was on board and I could not wait.

I made the slightly stupid mistake of making my tattoo appointment on the day of the Pugs Take Philadelphia event, so my wife and I couldn’t actually attend…but it’s totally fine. I have a permanent souvenir of my love of pugs, Philadelphia and cheese steak.

I wanted to pay homage to my new tattoo by putting together a list of Moe’s fresh ingredients for my free burrito this week. The end result was a flavorfully indulgent taste of heaven in my mouth.

Cheesesteak_BurritoI’ve never eaten Moe’s steak before. As dumb as it sounds, I’m intimidated by having fancy steak. Nine times out of ten, I opt for pork, but since I have so many burritos to consume, I totally stepped outside of my comfort zone in order to let my taste buds dance.

And dance they did.


I’m half mad at myself for not trying Moe’s steak before but now I have a new meat to do some experimentation with and I’m psyched about it.

This week’s Philly cheese steak themed burrito contained:
Cilantro rice
Pinto beans
Peppers and onions
Shredded cheese
and some queso because why the hell not…if you’re going to do it, do it right. Never pass on Wiz…even if Moe’s queso isn’t exactly Wiz.

Honestly, it’s way better than Wiz…but don’t tell anyone that I admitted that. I won’t be allowed within the city limits if word gets out.

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