I Cheated On Moe’s With Taco Bell, Sorry/Not Sorry

MVIMG_20181012_190422.jpgTaco Bell was my gateway drug to Mexican food. All of my Mexican friends just clutched their pearls and started angry typing emails to me in order to explain that Taco Bell isn’t Mexican food. I agree with you, and my stomach agrees with you too.

It’s like Macaroni Grill isn’t really Italian food according to my grandpa…and me. I can’t eat most of the stuff on their menu without getting a stomach ache though? So I mean, bring on the salad and bread sticks!!!

The issue with Taco Bell is that it is legit the closest fast food place to our condo. We can’t help ourselves on nights when I don’t feel like cooking. It also makes me want to hang my head in shame. Honestly, I would probably not be so bitter about Taco Bell if they would let me have my damn VERDE SALSA! The only reason I ate there for the longest time was because of the magical condiment. Bring back my garlic green stuff!!!!

IMG_20181012_190026.jpgI would still head to Moe’s though…because there is no compromising when you are craving that queso.

I decided on a Mexican Pizza (which is neither Mexican nor Pizza, so I mean…great), a doritos locos taco (which is possibly my favorite dirty, gross food in the universe) and cheesy fiesta potatoes with no sour cream, because fuck sour cream.

Have I talked about my disdain of sour cream yet?

I loath it.

Nothing will make me turn my nose up at a dish faster than sour cream. It feels gross to my tongue and doesn’t taste awesome at all. I get that it makes things creamy or whatever, but it’s not for me. Salsa and guac all day, every day.

Anyway…Taco Bell isn’t as good as Moe’s, but they are closer to my condo and open later. Maybe Moe’s should do like a 24 hour burrito marathon or something. I’d support for three meals, for sure. I mean, breakfast burritos are the only missing link. Ohhhhh…Moe’s for brunch? With Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas? Yas, Queen!!!

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