Food Forum Findings

52Burrito_WTMaWho doesn’t love a grand opening celebration? It’s exciting when a business is just starting out. They have climbed the hurtles of red tape and are finally able to let the public inside the shop that first started out as a simple idea.

I’m a bit of a Grand Opening junkie.

Swag bags filled with logo laden junk are my kryptonite.

I once camped out inside the Garden State Plaza so that this guy I was dating could buy his wife a love sac. A love sac is basically a very expensive bean bag chair filled with foam. They are huge, obtrusive, needless pieces of furniture and his wife had her heart set on one. He wanted some company while he sat on the tiled floor from 11pm the night before until the store opened at 10am.

When I joked with him that he should buy me a love sac as well to compensate me for hanging out in a closed mall all night, he told me I could buy my own, if I liked.

Who wanted a love sac anyway?

It wouldn’t have fit in my studio apartment anyway.

At the beginning of this year, the facebook forum for the town I live in started buzzing that the Stewart’s Root Beer stand had been sold to a burrito place.

Not just any burrito place though.

It was going to become a Moe’s.

Moe’s is probably the most friendly burrito establishment that you’ll ever encounter.

When you step foot inside, all the employee’s yell, “WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!”

It makes me smile every time.

As the days crept closer to the Grand Opening celebration, the owners of the new restaurant announced that they would be giving a year’s worth of free burritos away to the first 50 customers on their opening day.


I didn’t need any other details.

Hell, they could have been like, “Here’s one free burrito, take small bites and make it last,” and I still would have jumped on like at 4am.

Because that’s what I did.

I told my boss my plan, took the morning off and rolled up to a full parking lot filled with drunk high school students at 4am.

I was expecting there to be people in line ahead of me. I did not expect there to be so many people ahead of me.
Young people especially.
Drunk young people really especially.

There were three tents lined up where some of the more prepared Scout types had camped out.

I was happy enough in the, “Not Your Dad’s Rootbeer,” chair that my wife had won from a liquor store opening the summer before.

We love a Grand Opening.

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