I Cheated On Moe’s With Taco Bell, Sorry/Not Sorry

Taco Bell was my gateway drug to Mexican food. All of my Mexican friends just clutched their pearls and started angry typing emails to me in order to explain that Taco Bell isn't Mexican food. I agree with you, and my stomach agrees with you too. It's like Macaroni Grill isn't really Italian food according … Continue reading I Cheated On Moe’s With Taco Bell, Sorry/Not Sorry

Burritos 3 and 4 (It’s a Combo Deal)

I'll totally admit that it's hard writing and keeping up with it. I've started a bazillion blogs (probably more like 15, but whatever) in my time on the Internet. Starting is the easy part, it's keeping it going that is difficult. Burrito 3 was a, "Holy crap! I forgot to get my free burrito this … Continue reading Burritos 3 and 4 (It’s a Combo Deal)

Burrito #2

We've started getting excited about Thursday nights because they've turned into a free burrito experience. While I don't mind cooking, I'm wondering what kind of magic I can pull off with all the ingredients Moe's is giving me for free every week. I'm not done with the burritos yet though, I'm just sure that at … Continue reading Burrito #2

Food Forum Findings

Who doesn't love a grand opening celebration? It's exciting when a business is just starting out. They have climbed the hurtles of red tape and are finally able to let the public inside the shop that first started out as a simple idea. I'm a bit of a Grand Opening junkie. Swag bags filled with … Continue reading Food Forum Findings